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Special Midweek Update: The Gallon Challenge, a Photo Essay

May 10, 2012

Warning: This is not for the faint of heart.  Contains graphic and hilarious barfing imagery.

The gallon challenge is a well established tradition of stupidity.  Here are the rules: Drink one gallon of milk within one hour.  You must then keep it down for at least one hour.  While any kind of milk will be officially recognized, the pros go for whole.

We went for 2%.

Now a certain medical doctor gave his professional opinion that the gallon challenge is very possible.  He said the key is to measure out the 128 fluid ounces into 60 equal portions and drink one every minute. Here he is with his timer, regulation measuring cup, and a spirit of adventure:

Shane, my free spirited brother, showed up fifteen minutes late with a gallon and just started chugging.

Matt, a smart brother, decided to go with a half gallon and “keep liking milk.”

Although it’s may, a person gets cold chugging a gallon of refrigerated deliciousness.  In case you were wondering, a gallon of 2% milk contains 2080 calories.  Not bad for an hour.

Things went well for the first 40 minutes or so.  Then we started feeling like this:

Note how low the gallons are getting.  I was at 108 ounces when I made a dash for the deck rail and started feeling like this:

Naturally, this made Dr. Aaron feel like this:

But when he got to 120 ounces he changed his tune and started feeling like this:

Having started late, Shane had a little more time.  He powered on.

At 59 minutes he still had a good bit left.  It was go big or go home time.  He went big.  And here’s what happened:

The gallon challenge may be possible, but it it will take some tougher people than us to complete it.  Matt, I believe, would recommend sticking with no more than a half gallon at a time.


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  1. oh my gosh.
    that picture of the milk coming out shane’s mouth AND NOSE(!!!) is so very disgusting.
    but this blog is so very entertaining and interesting, Ian–good job!

    • No on the angelfish. The betta and gormaui may fight.Your alternate plan of rams instead of the betta and angelfish is a much better plan. Depending on your filtration, if adequate, you could even add more, like a school of small cory cat, and/or some oto cats, and/or some shrimp to keep the tank clean of algae and leftover food. Some more neons can be added for a larger school.

  2. David permalink

    This is a prime example of selective stupidity. I can’t get Shane drunk no matter how much I drink. He just won’t do it. Yet, he willingly Downs a gallon of milk?

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