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8 Avocados

April 30, 2012

Even though it is green, an avocado is technically a fruit, a berry in fact.  They are the least sweet berry I know of, but they are delicious.

8 Avocados is not a lot of food.  Think about it, I had to eat 25 apples to get to 2000 calories, so this is less than a third of that.  But avocados are different.  They are creamy and rich.  full of fat, plenty of protein.

I had two avocados for breakfast.  I split them in half, added salt, and ate them.  I felt great right up to lunch time, when I had two more.

Something I have learned while doing this project: there is a big difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied.  If you stuff your face you can get full on just about anything.  All you have to do is stretch your stomach out by eating too much.  However, your body doesn’t need to feel full to be satisfied.  Two avocados is not enough food to fill my stomach, but I can eat that and feel satisfied for five hours.

I had plenty of energy, so I went out kayaking after work.  I was practicing rolling, and got a good portion of the Chesapeake bay up my nose.

I was somewhat nauseous for the next hour or two, but who’s to say if it was the avocado or the water to blame.

I had a snack around five thirty, and was out till around 8:30.  I had three avocados for dinner and decided to do my best on a performance test.  I sprained my ankle last week and have been on crutches, so I knew it as going to be difficult. I put on some short running shorts and one running shoe.  Then I felt like an idiot and put on the other.  I grabbed my crutches (which don’t match) and headed out the door for a crutch run.

Here we go!

At 0.2 miles I was holding a 17 minute pace, and feeling good about it.  by 0.5 I was at 19.  When I finished my mile I came in at just over 25 minutes.

Cars on the road were slowing down for a good look.  I think they were admiring my new shorts.

And now to talk about poop.  Guacamole.

Cost: $6 (farmers market)

Taste:  Great, with salt!

Fulness Factor:  I felt very satisfied.  No real hunger all day.

Performance: hard to standardize, but I was active for 16 hours straight and felt good.


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  1. Mindy permalink

    Good stuff! I was surprised it didn’t have any adverse side effects, but happy for you that it didn’t.

  2. I like the crutch running picture!

  3. yeah, that last picture of you is almost cartoonish, it’s so funny! And I hope your ankle gets better soon, Ian!

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