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5 lbs of Chicken Breast

March 19, 2012

This week’s experiment happened on Saturday.  See, I had been in Florida for the the week and I looked for alligator steaks, but all I found was jerky.  It would have cost over $100 to buy enough calories for a day.  I love you very much, and thank you for reading this.  I know you would have enjoyed reading about me eating a terrifying predator, but this blog generates hunger and diarrhea, not money.  I looked for a plan B.

On the way home I saw this:

I didn’t feel inspired.  Then I saw this:

It was on!

I have tried Bacon and Tuna with mixed results, so I was curious to try boneless skinless chicken breast.  It’s portrayed as super healthy, lean, and in my opinion it is tastier than canned tuna.   I went into the day with high hopes and a ton of food.  We’re talking 5 lbs, 9 big pieces.  See?

Not going to be hungry today!

I slept in a bit, read a book on starvation and found myself to be feeling pretty hungry myself.  I went outside and fired up the grill.  My neighbor across the street was doing yard work and yelled over:

"What are you cooking?"

Chicken. You want some?

"Is it for breakfast or lunch?"


"Chicken for brunch?"



She didn’t want any.

It was about 11 before I finally got down to eating.  I had 2 and half pieces (yes, they are breasts, let’s just call them pieces though) for brunch.  I checked my email walked around the yard and decided it was lunch time.  I threw a few pieces in a pot, boiled them, and ate lunch. I had one and half.  Plain.  I wasn’t hungry and it was hard work to eat that much chicken.  I am learning that when my body doesn’t want or need something it starts to appear very disgusting to me.  Normally I love chicken, but in that volume it was pretty gross.

I was thoroughly stuffed.  Most days when I am eating 2000 calories I have to come up with a plan to budget out what food I have so as to not be hungry all day.  This day it was the opposite.  I had to make a plan to eat all five pounds without ever being too stuffed to move. Like this:

After lunch I went out and hung a wood duck nesting box by the creek.  I was destroying enough poultry that day that I had to do something to offset the damage.   I had the same feeling I had when eating tuna; I was stuffed but incredibly thirsty at the same time.  I pounded about 10 cups of water, but still felt thirsty.   There was no room in the inn for any more, so I just dealt with feeling thirsty.

I found that I was feeling very tired.  I had a long crazy week, not a lot of sleep, and was off caffeine for the first time in a while, so I’m not sure it’s fair to blame the chicken… but lethargic would be a pretty good word to describe me that day.

My little brother came over to take a performance testing run.  I ate some more chicken and we headed out together to see how things went:

We did the first two miles in the 8:30 range, but the last mile dropped off somewhere into the 9s.  I felt pretty solid, but still no real energy.

Here is dinner:

Again on the grill.  I ate 3 of these pieces, and had one more for a bed time snack.

Cost: $10

Taste: A bit on the bland side, but not too shabby.  I was craving cake pops all day.

Fullness Factor:Amazing!  I was full all day.  Stuffed for most of it.

Performance: B+


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  1. Did you eat plain chicken all day? I’m surprised that there was that much sodium in plain chicken. I never would have guessed that. I also didn’t realize that chicken had that much iron. As far as meats go, I thought red meat had all the iron.

    • The nutrition information is based on plain chicken. I put some spices on in later in the day, but did not include them in figuring the nutirion info as posted.

      • Chicken breast has much more sodium, cholesterol, and iron than people tend to think.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I thoroughly enjoyed the yelling exchange.

  3. Bryan permalink

    Oops. That was me

  4. With all the Ben Byler’s Special mixed spices you put on, it was probably more like 1200% sodium.

    Yes, that running picture is accurate. You are welcome for the push in the stroller.

  5. Uncle Billy permalink

    I’m not sure your choice of foods is getting better. Of course, you are running out of options.

    On the other hand, the high quality use of graphics has sky-rocketed.

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