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16.5 Ounces of Cheddar Cheese

March 5, 2012

Obviously this is a very delicious day. Let’s start with a picture:

Food for the Day

You may be noticing that while this is a lot of cheese it is not a lot of food to eat in a day.  I started out this day a little bit worried that I would be hungry all day.  I’ve done that.  I didn’t want to do it again this week.

Breakfast was sharp and delicious.  I ate it in the car while listening to a book on tape and speeding down back roads.  I felt pretty good about my life.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty full on about three ounces.

I was still sure that I would be starving by 10:30 at the latest, but this didn’t happen.  It was steady cruising right up to lunch.  I planned to eat six ounces (3/4 of a block) for lunch.  I sat down with co-workers, put it on a plate, and started eating with a fork.  I ate and ate and that block of cheese didn’t seem to be getting any smaller.  It was delicious and rich and for some reason it felt incredibly satisfying and filling.  I quit around 4 of 5 ounces and saved the rest for a snack later.

I ate about three ounces in the late afternoon.  I wasn’t hungry but I wanted to fuel up for a good run.  I had plenty of energy but my mind did feel a little bit foggy.  I have been noticing that this is true whenever I don’t eat any carbs.  To fight this feeling I drank four mugs of black tea (no sugar, of course).  I had caffeine thrumming through my veins and plenty of available calories when I went out to run on my way home from work.

Now last week on Ramen Noodles I pushed myself to the max and ran 13 minute miles.  (I am still feeling a little embarrassed about that so next time we hang out maybe you could  tell me how fast I’m looking.  Maybe we could even have a little race and you could let me win.  That might help.)  Anyhow I had low hopes for this run.  In fact several people had been warning me about what my intestines might do mid-run.  Others had told me that my spleen would start acting up.  This is what I was expecting:

But when I started running I felt excellent.  I was shooting for nine minute miles, but felt so good I kept going faster and faster.  I ended up with holding a 7:45 pace, and feeling great the whole time.  This is me:

Obviously fast as lightening.

That evening I finally got hungry around 7.  I ate dinner while riding in a car and reading a book out-loud.  Reading, driving, and eating.  Can you beat that combo?  I don’t think so! (but if you can, please let me know.) I felt pretty excellent for the rest of the evening, but was pretty hungry and out of food by around 9.

And now since you are wondering about poop I guess I’ll just tell you.  Or maybe I’ll show you:

Everything worked out fine in the end.  It did happen later and was significantly more work than normal, but no big deal.  I just might do prunes next week.

Cost: $5.25

Taste: Seriously delicious for the first third of each meal.  The second third was good.  The last third was work.

Fullness Factor: Surprisingly good!  Didn’t get hungry until night time.

Performance: Best of all foods tried so far.

I guess I shouldn’t make this died a habit…

X Factor: I weighed myself the morning I started eating cheese and again first thing next morning.  Somehow I lost 3.8 lbs in one day of eating tons of cheese.  It’s all back now, but I did feel pretty light for about 2 days.


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  1. Man. I love reading this blog. Seriously makes the day brighter.

    Maybe you can give Aaron, Katie and me some carb loading tips for our half marathon that’s coming up. So far, your blog has been very informative about what NOT to do.

    • Oh man, when we ran our marathon we went out to the Indian Buffet the night before and ate as much naan as we could fit. So good!

  2. I thought of you yesterday and thought…hmmm I wonder what he will have eaten this week!

    • Last May I made a new cake that went over fabulously with eenryove yet I seem to have misplaced the recipe and cannot find it anywhere, either at home or online. The recipe was from a woman’s magazine probably around May of 2006. Anyway, the recipes were for three cookie cakes (choc chip, sugar cookie, and peanut butter). The recipe I want is for chocolate chip cookie dough (STORE BOUGHT!) and yellow cake mix. The cake also puts half a bag of either semi-sweet chocolate chips in the cake and uses the other half for decoration on the top once it is frosted with milk chocolate frosting. I know the cake uses two 9-inch pans so you have a layered cake starting at the bottom with cookie dough, cake, cookie dough, cake. I want to make sure of the times and any other ingredients I happen to have missed so if anyone can help/knows where I can find this recipe I’ll be extremely grateful as I want to make it for a friend’s birthday! Thank youI already looked on the internet and couldn’t find what I was looking for either at all or some you had to make everything (dough and cake) from scratch and I distinctly remember that it was both storebought dough and mix.

  3. Judy Maxwell permalink

    Ian, I just have to say, being a person of only 1 kidney, that you consumed way too much sodium in one day. But your blog is very well done and I am, as always, proud to say that I was once a teacher of yours.

    • Thank you for your concern, and your kind words!

    • That is definitely a Good Idea! What a great way to take a nraoml grilled cheese up a notch. Thanks for the kind Cabot review- the farm families that own Cabot appreciate your support (and so do I)!~Jacquelyn

  4. TheDoctor permalink

    There a lot of myths about cheese. Will it bind you up, will it make you crap your brains out with terrible diarrhea and foul farts, is the moon really made of it? I will gladly address all three with the assurance of NASA level science.

    1. Will cheese constipate your bowels into poop so solid that you crap diamonds? It could, any food low in fiber could in excess. Cheese being high in fat and low in fiber can be a culprit in constipation. However, a single episode of cheese excess in someone with regular bowel habits and plenty of fiber intake is unlikely to produce terrible constipation.

    2. But what if you are lactarded? What if you suffer from lactardation? Will this cheddar cheese, a dairy product, full of milk, which everyone knows contains the dreaded lactose that results in horrific bloating, produce vomit-inducing gas and Niagara-like diarrhea? No.
    Here’s a tidbit I learned at the Cabot factory during a tour: Aged cheeses, such as Cabot’s naturally aged cheddar contain 0 grams of lactose. In fact, unlike many other dairy products, cheese in general is very low in lactose. Most contain less than 1 gram per serving and should not cause any lactose intolerance related symptoms.

    3. So the moon, is it made of cheese? Yes. The moon is made of the most delicious cheese ever. I have had some. It is sort of a mixture of goat cheese like creaminess and a tang similar to gorgonzola. Well, how did the moon get to be made of cheese? Answer: The Amish. They are really intergalactic travelers from another planet spreading baked goods and dairy deliciousness throughout the universe. The moon is simultaneously a stockpile (space being the largest and most efficient refrigerator) and their spaceship.

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