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44 Ounces of Egg Nog

December 26, 2011


In the spirit of Christmas and getting things off to a great start I decided to go with Egg Nog.

I swung by Wawa and picked up a half gallon of pure ultra-pasteurized classic holiday goodness.

This looks about right.

I carefully examined the nutrition information and used my 6th grad math skills.  Now a serving of egg nog is one half cup and has 180 calories in it.  I would need 11 servings (44 fluid ounces) to get my daily nutritional needs.

This is my food for the day. 44 oz. egg nog.

Breakfast was great.  I had it while driving and it was creamy delicious.

This should almost be Illegal!

Lunch was not awesome.

About 24 ounces into the day is when things started to go funny.  I started feeling woozy.  My eyes felt slugish, everything felt strangely farther away than normal…except my stomach.  It’s still there allright.  Nauseous is too strong of a word, maybe unsettled or grumpy would work better.

By the end of the day something strange happened.  I was actually tired of egg nog.  I was craving apples and oranges.

I also felt kind of like this:

How many more ounces to go?

But nobody ever said that science was easy.  So i toughed it out.

Nutrition Info:

Fat 154%

Saturated Fat  275%

Colesterol 253%

Sodium 33%

Carbohydrates 77%

Protein 55g

Vitamin A 66%

Vitamen C 22%

Calcium 165% (new way to prevent bone loss?)

Iron 22%
Hunger:  Interestingly, hunger has not been a big factor today.  Maybe the stomach is a little to unsettled to feel hungry, or maybe as Nanna would say it “sticks to the bones.”

Cost:  $3.  Now that is some affordable sustinance!

Performance test:   Started the run at a normal pace for me.  My pace dropped quickly from normal to slow to embarrassing and by the end I was weaving back and forth across the road like a drunk.  About 0.4 miles in I got a nasty side ache which persisted for a full 2 miles.  It was finally replaced by mild nausea, and total exhaustion.
Taste:  6. Delicious in the morning. Less appealing by the end of the day.

X Factor:  An unexpected side effect was the way it made all day feel like Christmas.

Ps.  If you would like to try this at home, could I recommend mixing prunes into the diet?  Surprising I know, but necessary.


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  1. Collin permalink

    This blog is off to a great start!

    2 side notes:

    • If I ever need a little extra protein or calcium, I’m heading over to wawa for a christmas boost.
    • Apparently you used your “6th grad” spelling skills too. Hahahaha

    • I think that the nutritional benefits have been really overlooked.

      You should see this bad boy before spell check!

  2. I agree with Collin–that this blog is so cool, Ian.

    But, whoa. All that egg nog makes me feel uncomfortable. Actually, ANY egg nog makes me feel uncomfortable. Cause I don’t like the sickly sweet, thick stuff. Not at all. Not in a box, not with a fox. But I still think your experiment is interesting. And your pictures are a nice touch.

    • Thank you thank you. I am fairly sure that you would like it in a house with a mouse. It’s a much more comfortable experience overall.

  3. And I am fairly certain I’ve TRIED it in a house with a mouse. My parents’ house is pretty big, you know; it’s been known to house some mice, from time to time:)

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