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Hello world!

December 18, 2011

In 1492 Columbus sailed blindly past the edges of any European maps, discovering a “new world.”  (Hey, he was completely lost and opened the floodgates of disease and genocide but let’s not get hung up on the details.)

"This is Definately India!"

Two hundred years later Sir Isaac Newton invented gravity and revolutionized physics.

It’s been a while since humanity has been blessed with any such voyages, any such breakthroughs in thought and science.  I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery and experementation.

That's not me, but he does have a beard.

Here’s the deal: One day a week I will be eating exactly 2000 calories. Each on of those calories mush come from one particular food.  For instance, one day I may eat 28 hard-boiled eggs.  Each week will be a different food.  I will share the experience and rate the experience in the following catagories:

Nutrition Information:

Cost: It’s a factor in most food decisions.  For the record, the price difference between real cheez-its and store brand imitations is totally worth paying.

Fullness Factor:  Fancy people call it satiety.  Nanna called it “sticking to your bones.”  Bud-light avoids it.  I like it.  It’s a measure of how long you feel full after eating.

Taste: pretty self explanatory.  Hence no picture.

Performance:  Food is fuel for the body.  How well do different foods perform?  Are they high octane jet fuel or that crap I left all winter in the lawn mower?  I will run a 5k each day that I am eating a particular food and record my  pace and any notes on how the food seems to be fueling my body.

I will run a 5k each day that I am documenting, record my time and general notes on how I felt.

Also not me, but he is running.

The X factor:  This is where Simon Cowell gets to weigh in.  No, actually, It’s where I will record any interesting but uncategorized notes on the experience.

Have fun reading along.  Feel free to suggest interesting foods.




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  1. Collin permalink

    HAHAHA!! I can’t wait for this!

    I have some requests for food experiments.
    • Potatoes (I bet you’ll be really full that day).
    • Ramen Noodles (that’ll be an inexpensive day).
    • Beans. (lol)
    • Beer. (That’ll be a funny day)

  2. Kristen Lenau permalink

    I totally agree with your cheez-it assessment

  3. Wait.

    You mean to tell me that NONE of those people in the 5k picture are you? Not even the lady in the middle? If you say so.

    Also, awesome blog, Ian.


    I mean, it’s A LOT like my blog, but…oh, well.

    just kidding; it’s not like my blog at all.

    Like I said: awesome blog!

  4. Pop permalink

    Ian- I love the concept. One recommendation: do the 5k the day AFTER your 2000 calorie fueling. The day of, you would still be running on yesterday’s fuel. I used to run 5 miles on a fasting day and feel great. The day after I couldnt even run my mouth! (seriously, the day after a fast was a tough run). So, I recommend trying your 5ks the day after.

    Can’t wait to hear how you do on 2000 calories of celery!

  5. This is awesome, but I’m honestly having a hard time making suggestions because a lot of the foods that are healthy and interesting would be completely impractical. Like kale. But I would like to see you run a 5k after a 2000 calories of the following: scrapple, avocado and peanut butter.

  6. Melanie Reichley permalink

    I suggest the following:

    1. Honey (what is it like to be the queen bee anyway?)

    2. avacodo’s!

    3. NorthBay’s cinnamon rolls!

  7. stevenblakely permalink

    What a great blog. This experiment must have been pretty hard to follow through. by the way professor A sent me.

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